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Stamping a profile with Solidworks

By mutlu on 15 Feb 14:27 3 answers 2 comments

I am not sure that it is called as stamping. I want to generate intrusions which shown on picture in atachment. There has to be a way out of extruded cut. For example, difining two profiles which are section and front view of intrusion and pressing a button to combine these two profiles for stamping. Is it possible?

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3 answers

  • saeid mirshahidi
    saeid mirshahidi over 4 years ago

    use cut with Offset From Surface

  • C Bd
    C Bd over 4 years ago

    Use forming tools in the design library for solisworks

  • C Bd
    C Bd over 4 years ago

    Looked at you picture again
    You need to cut as Saeid nas replied
    His is the correct and easiest response

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