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STEP file model origin far away from geometry in CREO

By Damjan on 07 Nov 18:00 1 answer 0 comments

How to reposition imported file, when coordinate system of origin is far away from geometry of the imported model. The same goes for datum planes. I can make new datums (and origin for that matter), but i cannot get rid of the original planes and CYSY.

The problem is when i use standard views, the model goes way out of the centre of the screen. I cannot delete or supress the original datums and origin, therefor i'd like to move the model to the origin. How can i do that in CREO?

1 answer

  • ugur benzetiroglu
    ugur benzetiroglu almost 2 years ago

    you can create new csys and mate with old one, and after that fix the relations.

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