straighten a flat hole after continuous dome feature

I'm trying to get a dome out of a rectangular shape and the only smooth result is achieved using the continuous dome feature. Loft, sweep curve with guide, boundary surface... all of them create a visible fringe (same fringe appear when continuous dome is unchecked)
The problem is that when continous dome is used the hole in the center is no more flat. I would like to straighten the hole to get a flat hole, and I would like to have no fringe.
How can it be done?

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Resp. Sir.

I can solve your problem
if dome have thickness, then and then solution can be possible.

Thats y I request you for sending attached file in .STEP format, so I can get Dimenstion.

Thank you.

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Resp. Sir.

Actually, when any radius profile (DOME) cut by Straight line, it generate Curve, even it solid of surface.
I Try to solve your problem in different way also and attach it.
see, Is your Problem solve or not ? please replay.

Waiting for your replay.

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This is the final solution :)
You want a dome, but a dome is an elliptical-shaped generation. You want a flat surface with a rectangle at the top of the dome ... impossible. You have to pass from one form to the other but I am sure of the best solution to get there. You will have a dome at + -90%. See sldprt file and step

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