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studio splines in nx

By Dipin Vinayak on 11 Jul 12:25 2 answers 0 comments

I want to design a bar body from blue prints. i watched many videos but i cant draw using the studio splines as in the video. i cant control the splines in 3D please help me how to do that???? am attaching a video link too doing such design. i made the image environment in nx but i cant control the splines as in the video

2 answers

  • Vysakh Mohanan
    Vysakh Mohanan almost 2 years ago

    Hi dipin, studio splines are great way to help you in remastering an iges part. My method is to first of all create a studio spline in one of the datum reference plane(snap to plane by F8) using through points option in two directions(say X &Y) as shown above by sajid. Click ok to confirm the spline. After that, you can edit the spline(double click on it) and select 'by poles' mode. Now you should select a plane perpendicular to previous plane and move the poles only in Z axis. You should not select any other planes for moving the spline points(a point to be constrained in 3 mutually perpendicular axis only). If you move the spline points in more than 3 axes, positions will alter in other planes. Hope this is helpful.

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