Suggestions for a tooth (molar) modeling?

Hi everybody. I need to model a molar with 3 roots from a book's picture. I need it into a .step file.

I had too many problems with SolidWorks' Surfaces Kit (Surface fill, Boundary Surface, Lofted, etc) , all because the three roots of the tooth (It's quite difficult to converge the surfaces) . I've modeled tooth with one single root and everything went ok, but in this case isn't working, I have no idea how to make the roots. Which software would you use to model this?

I really appreciate any suggestion: Software, techniques, operations...

PD. I'm attaching the base image for the modeling and a previous modelling attempt in SW with incorrect surfaces connection.

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I am a big solidworks fan, but for a shape like this i would go a different route.

My suggestion would be to download a trial of Fusion 360 and use the sculpt(?) tools. These are basically t splines and will make this far easier. They are quite easy to use if you have no experience with it.


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