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Surface will not sweep along a path

By Steven Hornby on 10 Nov 14:43 7 answers 7 comments

I need to sweep a surface along a path (file attached) however when I attempt this is simply get the response 'unable to sweep 1 selected object'. I have used this path before an a similar surface and so know there is no problem with the path. I simply do not understand what the issue is. I have also tried lofting as well as extruding along the path and this does not work either. Please help!


Inner profile - GrabCAD file.dwg, 175 KB

7 answers

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder almost 3 years ago

    to be more exact about the corrupt path..the right halve is OK...double line is in the left I deleted the left half...mirrored the right one..made a polyline worked..
    Do you know the command "overkill"?? just type it in and it will delete duplicated (double) lines......not much engineers know of this command, give it a'll love it...

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder almost 3 years ago

    Steven...repaired dwg attached...
    Have fun......


    Inner profile - GrabCAD file-1(hdr).dwg, 5.61 MB
  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder almost 3 years ago

    Better to loose Acad all
    together and get a version of Solidworks.
    It is like comparing swines (acad) with pearls (SW or Inventor for that matter).....

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder almost 3 years ago

    Simple solution....the path is NOT one line..I have checked the sketch and it are actually 2 lines...not redraw the path as one line (make a polyline) and it will work

  • Steven Hornby
    Steven Hornby almost 3 years ago

    Hans thank you so much for your swift response. However I do apologise, the line was originally one continuous line but I halved it in my attempts to find a solution. I attached the wrong drawing. So I do apologise, but even using the drawing you attached is will not sweep along this line and I don't know why. Would you mind trying yourself?

  • nardinjo
    nardinjo over 2 years ago

    it has to be a poliline

  • Junior Little
    Junior Little about 2 years ago

    path must be in polyline or the created lines must be in same plane...

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