SW 2012 ?

Opinion on the 2012 SW has already someone experience with the new version?

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Yeah I have. They went mostly for small changes, as opposed to a large overhaul. The costing feature for sheet metal and machined parts is pretty cool, and the solidworks search now has a command search, allowing you to search for tools and commands, which is extremely useful. A quick search of twitter for SolidWorks 2012 will give you a lot of useful info and articles.

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I use SW 2010 and seriously considering that I go this week to SW 2012

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There's quite a few nice, small changes. You can now change units from the status bar for instance, so you no longer have to go through the document properties. One thing I like is that the Hole Wizard no longer automatically places a hole when you select the surface, I've always hated that! Another nice one is when you import a step file containing an assembly, it no longer creates part files automatically, they are only created if you save the imported document as a SW document. I attached the "What's New" pdf in case someone wants to see it.

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