SW2015, how to configure assembly and leave sub-assembly unchanged

I'm trying to understand a way to use a configurable sub-assembly.
The case this time is related to a wardrobe or desk drawers. So there could be several adjustment to suite Height, Width and Depth for a single item.

My situation (as it might be seen in my model "My Dreamed Home") is a huge number of very same parts. I'd like to set sub-assembly equations that will be used as configuration in the assembly, but anything I tried will end up to change the parts completely.

So, for example, just imaging a box. There are several dozens size of these box, with the same material and thickness, like paper board, but every one should have its own size and one box setting should not modify the similar one in another position, like it's happening in my tests.

Is there some documentation ?

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Hey Fulvio, glad you were able to find more information on your question.

If its any help, I think you may benefit from looking into Design tables:
it'll give you the ability to configure parts based on individual dimensions/equations.

Here is a link to a better breakdown:

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Well I found more informations and I think I can manage with Equation Manager and Configuration manager.

The first step is to define how many configuration may be accomplished.

Then in the Equation Manager inserting global variable (E.G. Height, Width Depth), then assign them to the sketched parts. This would be for one of the configurations.

Later, select a new configuration on the combobox at the top right hand, then modify the values. Paying attention to assign the values to the current AND ONLY configuration.

A further manner it might be to tranfer the configurations into a spreadsheet form, then adjust the listed values from there.

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Maybe look into Derived Configurations for your main box configuration. Then you could just click and set which one you wanted as needed.

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My inputs were also by some tutorial from youtube, but this one also helps for adding further configuration in a Design Table. For example I'll solve the case where a drawer appearance it should be for a different kind of wood :-)

After all it's easier to compile a spread sheet rather than using Equation Manager.

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Sorry I'm back again.
I applied the Design Table for my purpose, but in the assembly it doesn't update the model.
Herein attached examples. There are 3 assemblies, WardRobe, BeautyDesk and KitchenTable.
The Drawer assembly has several configurable sizes. If I open the Drawer assembly and change the configurations, nothing wrong. But if I open a parent assembly then it won't rebuild and change the drawer model, unless opening the drawer and force a rebuild over there. But even that, different drawer model won't be updated.

Where is the fault ?

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