Sweep w/Guide curves not working in Solidworks

I am trying to make a sweep using 4 guide curves. For some reasons Solidworks is not letting me select any of the guide curves. Ive attached some screen shots of the steps i've taken (along with the CAD file). I would really appreciate some help.

Please let me know what i'm doing wrong, or if there is a better way to achieve what i'm looking for.

Thank you!!!

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2 Answers

Looking at the screenshot I suspect there are some Problem in your sketch. It could be you have put guide path and guide curve both in one sketch / guide curve end Points are not pierced with the Profile / you have extra line hidden in some remote Corner of the sketch / you have 2 splines that are not merged using fit spline.

I personally use the lofted boss Feature instead.
You will Need 2 end sketches and 2 guide curves and it is much more user friendly.

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You can loft it by creating another cross section. Select the curves by selection manager,that will help you to select the proper curves

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