switch workbrench in CATIA

Hello together,

Please I have an offensive issue that driving me crazy !!!
everytime I switch workbrenches a new part is added to my product that I don' t want and when I want to delete it I can't , I double click on my product it takes me to another workbrench ((((
please help, I will be really thankful

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2 Answers

First, when you open part design, by default a dialogue box opens. Make sure you checked "enable hybrid design". This means that you can shift from one workbench to other.

I think you might have pressed the icon as shown. If not I got no idea

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Here is the perfect answer:

1. When you click part design with the product (here geometric bundle) highlighted in orange, then this inserts a new part in to your workspace as occurred in your case.

2. When you click on part design make sure that geometric bundle is not highlighted on orange, if it is click some where on window and the select your workbench.

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