Switching from SW to PRO-E

Should i do the switch? Which is the better software? What are your experiences with it?

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I have to use ProE at uni (studying Mechanical Engineering) and I cannot understand why anybody would use it by choice. I will always prefer to use Solidworks and Inventor before ProE. I understand that people say its better for mechanical design but I fail to see why. Inventor and Solidworks get the same things done with much less fuss and a lot less time stuffing around with cumbersome and nonsensical menus and messages as you get in ProE.

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Every one have freedom to choice, and difference is always interest that way to show plus n minus

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i work some time now with proe just love it. didnt see anything in sw to make me chose it.
BUT i think you must ask yourself why you want to chose another program for designing. do you want it to use manufacturing? mechanism design?
analysis ?
for me is the tools that make the difference. if you learn one program you will use its tool to make your work done
so check at ptc for tools and applications maybe you will find something that will help you out

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32 years with Lawrence Livermore National Lab. We struggle with this all the time. I don't care for the Pro/E user interface and it is difficult to work with files created outside of Pro/E. Just stating a fact.


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The biggest problem with pro-e is there is no way to create a pro-e compatible file with any other cad system. That by itself makes it pretty much useless especially if you are downloading models from vendor websites in other formats (stp., sat., iges etc.). You will invariably end up wasting a huge amount of time recreating models.

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