SYMMETRY text upside down.

The problem is this, I make an extrusion with text and when I make a symmetry to the other side, the text makes me backwards. I do it from part. Is there no option that allows you to put it right ?. AutoCad is the MIRRTEXT command with 2 options and within SolidWorks assembly is the option to create symmetry version, which you do symmetry that interests you.
Attached pictures to clarify something else.
Image 1: symmetry from assembly.
Image 2: symmetry where I put the text upside down dede piece. (without options)
Image 3: Operation extruded text.
Image 4: extrusion operation symmetry text upside down.

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4 Answers

Maybe you can use a circular pattern with 2 instances at 360 deg. using an axis on the center of the part.

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Hello Mallias, would need a graphic example because it is not clear. By doing symmetry text mirror effect left out and want to leave as the right

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