Takeing other peoples models and claiming them as there own.

Why are so many people at Grab Cad taking other peoples models and claiming them as their own. I don't have trouble sharing my files. But when you are not given credit, I believe this is wrong. This is a community for sharing of models, But this is not a place to steal others designs.

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@Jeff. If someone uses your model just report them at the staff.
They have added the possibility to report models and engineers and steps will be taken. I think this new feature is very helpfull to "flush out the filth"

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Hey Jeff, it can take a little while for GrabCAD to get around to stuff like that due to sticking with guide lines that they need to contact that user that has been reported and maybe that user has not been on for a little bit stuff like that..... before GrabCAD step in and take action them selfs.... Just bare with it and as Hans said PM Sara direct and she will take care of it for you.......

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Perhaps one or both of the following options could be implemented,

1. Model uploads are created with either a public or private download option. I.e. anyone can download them or users need 'approval' to download.

2. We can create black / white lists and add people we want to have access to models.

This allows anyone access to see the models but provides a level of control over who is allowed to 'share' them.

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Jeff, JF, thanks for the comments.

I'm not sure if you've already done so, but I've highlighted this thread to Sara and the comments raised to see what kind of feedback she gives.

Jeff, I agree. Feedback on negative as well as positive responses is a good idea.

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Send a direct message to Sara Sigel , this might help.
She will take steps, she did it with a similar problem i had.
Good luck

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