The like button

How come that some engineers get lots of likes for releative not very good models.
My models have a percentage downloads/likes from only 10%.
I have monitored this for a while and it seems a "country" based phenomena.
Some of those models have more likes than downloads, not just one model but the bunch. The CG staff is working on an more honnest rating system, but I believe that a lot of engineers have found a way around this.
(first thing to do at school is liking eachothers models)
Is this the way to go??
The manipulation still goes on and on...
I hope the Staff will find a way to deal with this.

Is is not about the points, but more about fair play...

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1 Answer

There is always be a problem with the points system on GrabCAD Hans......
To be honest Hans it would be better not to have a points system on GrabCAD @ all

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