Thickening a piece.

I need to give a thickness out of 0.8 mm. to a piece and I can not make it. I work with solidworks 2015, I would appreciate if you could make it or inform me how to solve it.

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Hey Juan Carlos,

I am using the 2018 version of Solidworks but I think you had this available in 2015 as well.

Try removing the last couple features in your model.

This should leave you with a solid part with the outside shape of your container.

Change the upper lip to the total thickness of the plastic that will be used for the part.

Select the top face then use the "Shell" command.

If you use the thickness of your plastic, you should be left with the desired results.

Hope that helps.

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Start by going back to the beginning of the model, and repairing all of the sketches.

I only looked at the first two sketches. Neither have any constraints or relationships. I can't explain how the model got as far as it did without constraints. Lines and arcs need dimensions, arc and lines need to be tangent. Lines need to be vertical or horizontal... How did you manage to make sketches with no constraints?

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Thank you for your contributions. I have solved it by eliminating the rounding of the 4 corners and then I have filled them with surfaces.

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