Tool to enlarge the chimney

Hy !
I'm searching for a tool to make the hole from a chimney greater ..
The tool should works with hydraulik motores 150bar and 1500 speed/min.
(The diameter to work out is 110mm to max 220 )
The working line is from the Ground from the chimney up to the end (max 15m)
A picture of work-system you see in the add files .

maybe any one can help me , thanks !

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1 Answer

This picture showed it remind me to a tool for a cleaning chimney . Boring chimney is very dangerous beacuse a sulphuric acid usualy make a mortar between brick very poor and you risk to spread you chimney away.. Main problem in chimneys is s tar which make some kind of elastic bubble gum and is usualy related if you fire your ven with a raw wood which is not dry or you have poor indolated chimney.
for motor is better solution a air motor.

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