Trace Parts - Good or Not-so-Good?

I am always looking for 3D models to download for my machine builds. Every time I purchase a component from a supplier I ask if there is 3D available. I am finding that as time goes on, it's getting easier to do this directly from the OEM's of the world. Trace parts has been a location that I've been directed to a great many times. I never seem to find what I'm looking for at Trace parts. Is anyone else having the same luck as I am -or- am I just not spending enough time looking for what I need?

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Trace parts is a good site but you can not edit there models to your design unless they are the right sizes that you DL......
I do not know of another site like GrabCAD that you can put a request in for a model and someone will model it for you. Again you can DL the models from GrabCAD and edit them to your sizes. GrabCAD wins hands down time after time over every other CAD site on the net....

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Hi James & Williams,
I'm afraid it's hard to compare and GrabCAD since TraceParts is offering 100+ million part numbers from suppliers' certified 3D contents while GrabCAD is focusing on user content. Both sites are complementary depending on what you're looking for.
In case you cannot find a supplier's 3D catalog on, go to our "Vote for 3D" page.
Hope this helps clarifying the difference :-)

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The big difference between the models you find on GrabCAD and those you find on TraceParts is that the TraceParts models are certified by the manufacturer. After all they know and understand their products better than any of us. So my recommendation would be to contact the supplier and ask them for a model.

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Hi, you ever checked It is very innovative you can search by words or even paint you component you are searching. Supplier libraries from over 300 suppliers are online.

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