Trying to mirror a Cut-Extrude but continually get an error..

Trying to make a very basic part for a plane fuselage which can then be copied for the entire length of the fuselage.

Draw shape and extruded.
Created a new plane and offset to 1cm past the fuselage
On this new plane I draw the window and cut through one side by an offset of 1mm such that I can replace that "floating" body with glass
Selecting the mirror tool
Select the "right" plane as the mirror face/plane
Select the "cut" to mirror

Keep getting a Rebuild error.

It's driving me nuts as I can't work out why. I've done it a similar way before and it worked fine!

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It wasn't selecting the cut-extrude. There was only around a 2mm space that it would allow me to select it.

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