Tutorial: How to Design a Car in Inventor ...I am so sick of this question... Anyhow I have an answer...

Hi guys,

This is a question that goes around for ages in Grabcad.
Inventor users already know that this is almost impossible to design so complex surfaces...! o_O

Many good friends from GC community such as William found & shared links and info regarding Autodesk Inventor and underlined that for more professional results you should use Autodesk Alias.

-"Thanks for all William"

OK! Back to the problem...
Let's face it that Solidworks can do more than Inventor in surface design...
Beside what can I say!? this Cad Library is full of Audi R8 and Lambo designed in SW.


I have to admit that even as an Inventor user...
I liked the most of the aforementioned models such as the famous AUDI R8 2010 V10


I have also to admit that as an Inventor user...
I felt awkward for the most of the models such as the Toy Car while with models like 1969 Camaro Z/28 I remembered my first steps in Grand Theft Auto ;P (Such a brilliant Era)

Well, this might sound a bit mean but it's the truth and represents my personal opinion without any intention to insult anyone. Beside Marshall Rasmussen said the full truth for his model this is a "TOY CAR"

-"Fair enough mate!"

But what if Inventor users had the same chance as most of the Solidwork users???
Of course I am referring to the famous DvD tutorial how to design an exotic car in SW...

-Yes,I know it comes with a price...
-NO! I am not trying to sell anything... Why???

-Because the Inventor tutorial is for free...

Check Below the Youtube links...

...and make sure that the next time you will not forget to surprise this community with more professional and exotic shapes of your design...

Best Regards guys...

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…and the Oscar goes to …. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCncYdKWhe3g_0b1kOXhxbQw/videos

Yes, I know I feel so sad that I am just the guy who sharing the links… ;(

But let’s leave me alone and let me share with you some comments for this amazing FREE tutorial!!!

Well, this guy is crazy I am telling you… I have never seen something like that before for FREE

…and to be honest my old “car –design” project is going to rise from its ashes! ;P

The fact that these 17 videos or so, are for FREE allows for some tolerances regarding the professional attitude of this tutorial while trying to capture the full process of designing a car.

And the results are definitely above average…
The car is not that popular as a Ferari or Lambo but I bet that many CAD users have seen this before.
What I found really interesting is that I can learn even more from some of his mistakes while he was trying to loft some profiles etc.

I thought that it’s definitely worth some attention and therefore I posted on GC. I hope to make a lot of people to smile for a sec before get angry again with Inventor and surface design ;D

Best Regards to all and especially to

Evan & Marshall Rasmussen
for don't get mad with me ;P

Please like these youtube videos if you find them useful they deserve more than that!!!

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-design-a-car-in-inventor-i-am-so-sick-of-this-question-anyhow-i-have-an-answer

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Thanks for taking the time to share. As a fellow Inventor user, I have all but given up on using Inventor for Complex surfaces, unless absolutely necessary. Mainly due to the longer work times to create complex surfaces becasue of the somewhat limited surface tools. I will definitely give these videos a look-see. Thanks again :)

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Amazing, this motivate me to learn more about inventor surface, now that we have Freeform (T-Spline) build right in, it makes me even happier.

Best Autodesk Inventor Surface tutorial ever, I just create a playlist for it.

MechanicalCAD - Autodesk Inventor - Basic Car Modeling


Infinite Skills Surfacing Tutorial


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Great post and reading ioannis...


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Wow Ioannis Skarlatakis thank you for sharing this, I'll definitely try to do some complex surface modeling after this
(It's really far from what this guy have done, but I also tried to model a car in Inventor: Trabant 601 )

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