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Tutorial - How to make a flexible hose in siemens nx

By Wolfgang Walden on 29 Jul 15:36 3 answers 1679 views 0 comments

Another user wish - a flexible tube. I used a circular section surface, some expressions and lawcurves.


nx_flexible_hose.stp, 2.16 KB

3 answers

  • Wolfgang Walden
    Wolfgang Walden about 1 year ago

    Hi, yes it is more easy, but it is not the same - sorry. You "hose" will not contract and expand - you would just make a flexible tube. You notice the difference? That is the reason for using a law curve to control the contractions.

  • Dinesh kumar
    Dinesh kumar about 1 year ago


    we can use a curve (Studio Spline) (i.e hose profile) as guide curve and a circular profile as section to make a hose and finally shell command to specify its thickness..

    I think this will be much more easy..

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