Tutorial: How to model a variable dimension driven car tire in Solidworks 2013 and show design intent

This tutorial is the continuation of my first tutorial ˝How to model a variable dimension driven car rim in solidworks 2013 and show design intent˝.

Here I will show how to model a variable dimension driven tire to fit the variable dimension driven Rim.

This tutorial is linked to the model: Toyo R888 racing tire

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Sorry, but I somehow can't upload the pictures to the new tutorial...

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Hi David,

Yes, it is possible to include many configuration in a single model. Right click on model then click on configuration Feature. Add as much configuration as you like then select any configuration by double clicking on it. Now, double click on model while pressing ctrl key , this will allow you to modify every/any dimension. Now just click any where then measure your model, you will find the modification you have made. Now, repeat the above process for all other configurations.

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