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tutorial : how to open solidworks files in sketchup

By Mech Amine on 19 Dec 23:30 11 answers 1 comment

tutorial : how to open solidworks files in sketchup

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  • Slava Petrow
    Slava Petrow almost 4 years ago

    I guess this way we can open solid works files from new versions in old versions

  • meinertz
    meinertz almost 4 years ago

    Absolutely Helpfull!,
    Thank you very much all the way from Belgium Europe

  • shlomi ben david
    shlomi ben david almost 4 years ago

    is there a reason you need this version "meshlab V1.0.0" ?
    for some reason this version does not open 3ds files, thank you

  • Rob Waa
    Rob Waa over 3 years ago

    Subtitle: An Apple (logo) in hostile territory.

  • SayKay
    SayKay over 2 years ago

    Thank you

  • rikardo moreno
    rikardo moreno over 1 year ago

    PLEASE,PLEASE!..HELP! It let me export ".Dae" files the first time then when I do it does nothing, it appears like it does since it shows that it saved but then I look the file up and nothing is there!.. I other words it isnt letting me export ".dae"..

  • cae11c56
    cae11c56 over 1 year ago

    Thanks so much! So helpful!

  • Patrikurn
    Patrikurn about 1 year ago

    using SpaceClaim to convert all cad to sketchup is easy

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