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Tutorial: How to use Creo Simulate Lite in PTC Creo and show design intent

By Vladimir Palffy on 11 May 22:27 7 answers 0 comments

PTC introduced Creo Simulate Lite (Mechanica Lite) as a free module in Pro/EngineerĀ® with the M070 cut of Wildfire 4.0. This means that Mechanica is now available to thousands of users who previously did not have access to it.
Question is: How to use it?

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7 answers

  • Vladimir Palffy
    Vladimir Palffy over 4 years ago

    Thanks e19 - I will post it.
    Stay in touch (

  • e19
    e19 over 4 years ago

    please make something on motion envelope in mechanism ,something very rare to find tutorial about pro/e

    solidworks doesn't even have that thing.

  • Coenen
    Coenen almost 4 years ago

    This helped rearly,
    you made me trying my first sample!

  • Prateek Gaikwad
    Prateek Gaikwad about 3 years ago

    Hey Vladimir, can you help me with the procedure of doing modal analysis of a honeycomb stucture in Creo Simulate 2.0?

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