Tutorial: How to use mechanism consttraint for fun with Creo Parametric

Here is the short tutorial: How you can use mechanism consttraint for plaing a game - Engineering Tree man Chess :)

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Do you like a chess?
Do you like your CAD software?

>> Here is the short tutorial: How you can combine your CAD software and game

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-use-mechanism-consttraint-for-fun-with-creo-parametric

Very nice tut

This just shows how stupid Creo is. Instead of just click and drag there is a whole submenu and window just to move a component. This is so typical. A simple thing made complex by Creo. That should be their motto. I use Creo for work due and hate it. It is the most backwards written software I have ever used.