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Tutorial : NX Shortcut Keys

By Hariprasad.V.Prabhakar on 19 Oct 17:16 6 answers 3 comments

Here is a list of most of the NX shortcuts, use these to increase your speed with utilizing this application

6 answers

  • Samu Suojanen
    Samu Suojanen about 4 years ago

    There are missing all the three shortcuts which I use the most in NX 8.5.

    Ctrl + Q = Finish Sketch
    X = Extrude
    Shift + F8 = Normal view to sketch

    The complete list of assigned shortcuts in NX can be found at "Information" - "Custom Menu Bar" - "Shortcut Keys". In "Tools" - "Customize" you can specify your own shortcuts.

  • Eray
    Eray almost 4 years ago

    Thank you, it's really useful.

  • Lavinia
    Lavinia over 2 years ago


    Drag + Shift -> move along and orthographic direction
    Drag + CTRL ->Copy in another position
    Drag + Shift + CTRL-> copy along an orthographic direction

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