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Tutorial on the Crankshaft assembly SW 2016?

By Kenneth Wilson on 09 Feb 02:18 1 answer 1 comment

I'm in a Solidworks 2016 beginners course and our class is basically teaching ourselves. I'm trying to create the crankshaft engine part on pg. 199 and can not find any kind of tutorial online about. If anyone has already done it, will you be willing to give me some tips. I uploaded a pic of it if it looks familiar.
Thank you

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1 answer

  • Madhu balan
    Madhu balan 9 months ago

    I've attached the 3d CAD file .Have a look at it ,i modeled it using the image you provided.

    Hit < IT WORKED > if it solves your problem

    (Designed using SW)

    Do have a look at my other projects too

    Have a great day ahead

    MadhuBalan J


    crankshaft.SLDPRT, 309 KB

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