Tutorial to design 3D AcME Bolt in autocad

here is completed 3d bolt with 3d rendering and 2d layout

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Hi Jaiprakash

In this tutorial I will make threaded ACME bolt in AutoCAD 3D, Dimensions for bolt is mentioned in 2D layout as shown below.
Follow steps as I have mentioned and you may view video attached with this tutorial for a clear description of each step, And don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my tutorials!!!

Firstly make one cylinder of radius 4 units and height 30 units and other cylinder on top of first cylinder with radius 10 units and height 4 units, then make a helix starting from lowermost point of longer cylinder (cylinder with 30 unit height) with top and bottom radius 4 units 12 number of turns and height 30 units, follow image for detail.

Make a new layer named layer 1 and assign longer cylinder to layer 1 and turn off layer 1.

Insert block of ACME thread into drawing from insert block option of INSERT ribbon, You can download the thread block from here.

Now turn layer 1 on and use subtract from Boolean operations to subtract thread profile from cylinder.

Hope this information help for you!

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