Tutorial: Unigraphics NX mold design : Section 4 Mold Coordinate system

Mold Coordinate system

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Sample file Used for This Tutorial is Uploaded to library NX Mold Design

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Hi Hariprasad, Fist of all thanks a lot for your share of NX mold Design,
By the way after I follow your tutorial in section 4 "Mold coordinate system, when I click "mold CSYS" tool bar, the NX display comment window says " cannot set mold assembly top part",
Whats wrong is it? is ther any missing step?
Also when I click the "Workpiece" tool bar, there is comment window : " can not set mold assembly prod part..
Thank you, Your thought will appreciated

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Please Refer :
Tutorial: Unigraphics NX mold design : Section 7 Assembly Structure

If i am Not wrong you are Not working on Assembly Top File, Check the Assembly structure , before you fire Mold Wizard tool Make sure you are Working in Top File

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