Two different parts glue together to made one solid part....

Hi guys, I came across a problem and quite interested point. Is any method in SolidWorks glue two different for example corian elements and finally to have in assembly as the solid part to make fillet very easy as on attached picture. And of course I need keep all relevant information about any single part for use the file properties and have right information in the bill of materials. I tried weld it, but it doesn't works.

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If you already have two parts you want to fillet together, you could try this:
Make an assembly, and mate the two pieces together.
Save the assembly as a part file
Now you have a part file with two bodies.
Depending on the geometry, you could now setup a sketch or surface that will later be used to divide the part into two parts again.
Insert - Feature - Combine, and add the two bodies together.
Insert your fillet.
Now use the previously made sketch or surface to divide the single part back into two.
You can right click on the "solid bodies" feature tree folder and save these bodies off as separate part files, and could even make an assembly of them at the same time.

Upload your file(s), and it will be easier to do it than describe it.

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This is additional information just in case... I want to have full control about each element in assembly any single time, and corner where join three parts fully rounded like on picture above.

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What about making this as a part and then splitting it into smaller parts and making an assembly? That allows you to make the fillets in a single file.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Sorry mate, but I need to have the edges rounded in a little bit different way than you did and have any single part separately. Have a look my file attached. If it isn't possible, never mind.

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OK, that makes everything easier since the special cuts and revolves previously used to round the edges can now be made with a simple fillet command.
After splitting the base part, and assembly can still be made.
A parasolid assembly is attached if you want to check it out. My SW files are 2016, so you won't be able to open them.

Right click on your Solid Bodies folder and choose Save Bodies. You'll have three new files plus an assembly in under a minute!

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