Two improvement ideas for Grabcad?

1. I have noticed that most of the uploaded don´t have a step file, untill someone ask for it, which mostly happens on every uploaded model. Would it not be a good idea to urge the users to also upload a step-file on the uploading page, next to the browse-button?
And maybe also a little text explaining why and how to. Any input on this?

2. I´ve also noticed quite much foreign language on the page. I don´t mind it in the comments but when even the model descriptions and titles isn´t possible to understand, it starts to get annoying. Maybe some recommendations on the upload page, to only use English?

Just some ideas to make things even better!

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Hi Josef that would be a great idea about the STEP file but it is always down the user to upload what they want but would be good to highlight this :)))

About the different lingos I do understand were you are coming from as I myself do not know another lingo other than English, but GrabCAD's universal and maybe the people from other Countries don't know how to speak English just as I don't know there lingo so I guess it again is down to the user that uploads there models. I would love it if it was all in English as I would understand everything without the use of Google translator which isn't that great sometimes but being a multi cultured web site it would be wrong to have it all in English and a little unfair I would imaging for the users that do not know English.

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1. Exactly! Just to highlight it, as a recommendation, not a compulsion. =)

2. You are right, not everyone can speak English, so it would maybe be more of a limit and make them confined. I didn´t think of it that way. Nice to have input. Thanks William.

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1. I use SW2010 and don't see that a newer version will be purchased anytime soon (don't need any of the improvements in newer versions) and it's a shame I can't open neither newer SW files, or other unsupported formats (Inventor, draft... etc) and I silently encourage everyone to do an additional effort to make one more "Save As" click and select *.stp as an output file format. All my recent uploads are available in SW2010 and STEP format...

2. English is not my mother tongue, however, I grew up listening songs of a Swedish group which did sing on English, even at the time when they didn't even understand the lyrics... So, I learned a bit here, and there and... I just get frustrated with the spelling differences between UK and US English, which really gets me being poked around when I use Tyre instead of Tire...

Anyone who thinks it can be frustrating here, might try to join Eng-Tips forums... Do a misspelling and you're instantly between a rock and a hard place...

Still, I also prefer English, at least in the title/description

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Now it's official, I have uploaded a STEP version of all my uploaded SW files :)

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don't forget that GRABCAD is an Estonian-born company.

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Just a quick note on behalf of GrabCAD as well: adding the recommendation about uploading STEP/IGES is a good one. We'll add this tooltip to the upload form.

Multi-language support is, on the other hand, a rather king-size topic. So far GrabCAD has been mainly English, but let's face it, there are hudreds of thousands of engineers that speak and write German/Spanish/Portuguese/Hindi etc instead, so we are yet to make this grand decision how to turn this environment and community into one that would support everyone equally :) It's a tough one, from information structuring as well as technology point of view.

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We added a short tooltip to the file upload form recommending to add STEP/IGES file with the uploaded model. Hopefully will be helpful and initiates the users to add the universal formats, too.

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Personally I wouldn't be able to propose a step version of most of my drawings, simply because the software I use just doesn't support that format. Unfortunately although it was meant as a "universal" format, step really isn't quite that. So not everyone can upload a step file.
However, whenever possible, instead of uploading just one format, a user could attempt to provide a larger choice of format for his drawings, when possible.
But let's not forget the free exchange community, other users can offer other formats of a user's already uploaded ones.
As far as foreign language is concerned, what's "foreign" anyway?
Sure the bulk of the users are english speaking, but I think we shouldn't be limited to only one language. Where would be the "openness" if we start limiting this?
On that subject, I would think one possible "improvement", or "extra "feature" would be to have an automated translation system built-in the site, so when requested by a user, there would be 2 versions of the posted text, one in the original post's language plus one in the reader's spoken or chosen language...

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