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I am making an automated medicine box with my group members at our school. But we have no idea what kind of plastic or other material is the best to make it out. I'd like some suggestions and your opinion on the type of plastic.

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It is better to use fiber material box as it is stronger than plastic.It is also a food grade material.It will be lightweight in case of weight.But think of design that will be easy to carry

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If you don't know too much about the topic I would first suggest looking into similar items as your project, and see what those individual components are made out of. Sometimes, dependent on where items will be used, they require different stampings or approvals. For instance, if pills are classified as a "food" then all materials within the contained area will need to be FDA approved,
Other stampings or government approvals include NSF, CE, and UL to name a few. Additional research would need to be done if the item is going to sell anywhere outside of the united states.

Unfortunately, due to your project being medicinal, it could carry a lot of restrictions for material selection...

Maybe just do a quick google search to see which plastics would be best suited for medicinal containers.

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If you are going to 3d print those medicine box you can choose a wide variety of PLA materials available in market.

but it may depend upon which type of 3d printer you are choosing and there some biocompatible and biodegradable materials also.

this will cheaper and i dont think PLA will react with medicine once its been printed.

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You also need to consider how this item will be produced. Vacuum formed, blow molded, injection molded....etc.
The manufacturing process selected will largely influence the overall design, and materials available.

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You can use LDPE or HDPE plastic materials. Those are food grade materials and widely use in food and medicine industry. LDPE is soft materials than HDPE. You can find those materials at your home. Example: Head & shoulder shampoo bottle made by HDPE and drinking water bottle's caps are made by HDPE. You can see marks numbering under the plastic parts. Number 1= PET, Number 2= HDPE and Number 4= LDPE. See the attachment.

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