UDL and Bending moment diagram.

Hey guy's asking for a little bit of help here with a UDL.

I just can not seem to work the 'BMD' out for this one and is cracking me up LoL'ss

any input would be appreciated.

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Hey William

Give a look on your email... and let me know


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Here is the graphical method I told you about on Face Book with much less calculations needed.

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Hi Ioannis, Thank you very much just got your E-mail there and can not believe I did not think to use Autodesk Force effect on my Ipad considering I have the bloody app and have done for a long time now......
It was really helpful what you have sent myself.....
yes it is the same one on Facebook.... I just though you were not on that page as I have been on there a little bit today talking with a few of the guys from here also about the problem with this UDL but problem solved and a big thank you to your self and the others that put in there little bit to resolve this problem..... //Handshake :P

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