Unable to create offset edge flanges in SW2011 -- can any SW sheet metal gurus help figure out why?

I'm hoping that there's someone here who knows their way around SolidWorks's sheet metal functions well enough to tell me what I'm doing wrong here... (screenshot and part file attached)

I'm having trouble successfully adding a couple offset edge flanges to a sheet metal part in SolidWorks 2011. In two unique instances, after putting all the necessary values into the edge flange tool and clicking "OK", I immediately get a message bubble that says "Rebuild Errors Unable to create the edge flange."

I first encountered the problem when trying to create the flange represented by the sketch portion on the right side of the part. I suspected that it might be because SolidWorks couldn't deal with the part bending in on itself as it does there, so I gave the flange on the left side of the part a go, with the same negative result.

I don't use the SW sheet metal tools frequently, but I'm somewhat familiar with them from the few occasions when I have... I'm pretty certain I'm trying to execute the function correctly. I was able to add other flanges to the part (granted, they weren't offset), but my sheet metal tool knowledge doesn't extend far enough to let me figure out why I'm getting the rebuild errors.

Thanks in advance!

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I was checking your part, and this is a reported issue, you can't add an offset edge flange after a hem feature, SolidWorks it's currently working on that, a workaround is to make this feature using an edge flange instead of a hem since the beginning, I've attached the part with this edge flange, the values are aproximate.

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Great! Thanks. It's good to know that it wasn't just me.

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