Unable To Flatten The Part In Solidworks

How to flatten this part in solidworks.I am able to flatten by using Flatten along path in curved shape but I want it's flatten in straight shape but unable to flatten. If there is any Development fault then how to develop this part in solidworks using sheetmetal and flatten straight not curved.

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I do not believe SW handles stretching and shrinking of sheet metal.

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It wont allow you to flatten the part because the part you have is not capable of being formed (bent into shape) with sheet metal, though I do believe the part could be extruded (?)

If you needed it to be the way its formed now, you could break it down into separate parts (center portion, left wall, right wall) and weld them together.

Or, you could change it from a continuous piece if the sides were broken down into very short flanges and then bent together to form the curvature when its all said and done.

If this is confusing as to why it cant be unfolded, try taking a piece of paper and folding it into the shape you need. You will notice the material start to buckle under itself.

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You cannot flatten it with sheet mettal, but you can use the surface flatten tool with the inner surfaces.

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