Unwanted twist in Boundary boss/base

I'm doing the Jordan Tadic football helmet tutorial also found on GrabCad. I've made the spline sketches for the initial shell but when I go to make it solid using Boundary boss/base the body intersects and twists wildly. I've tried a few things including "flip connectors" but still no luck. Attached are snips for what I've been getting and what it should look like. Also the file. Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.

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Revisez vos esquisses pour que celles-ci soient compatibles au lissage en terme de nombre de segments et de ponits. Fermez vos surfaces. Veuillez à ne pas confondre lignes et surfaces. Dans votre fichier la forme perpendiculaire n'est pas fermée à l'intersection. Aussi pourquoi lisser une forme et la moitié de celle-ci. Dans ma figure, j'ai coupé la forme pour lisser avec celle perpendiculaire.

Review your sketches so that they are compatible to the smoothing in terms of number of segments and ponits. Close your surfaces. Please do not confuse lines and surfaces. In your file the form is not closed perpendicular to the intersection. Also why a smooth shape and half thereof. In my face, I cut the form to smooth with the perpendicular.

coupez votre esquisse ou arrangez-vous pour lissez des formes semblables

cut your sketch or arrange to smooth similar forms

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