Uploading of CAD files

Suggestion to the GrabCad team..
Would in not be a good idea to change the way we upload our files.
First it is mandatory to upload a CAD model before the renderings can be added.
Now there are more and more entries with only renderings.
This community is about sharing, i believe, and not showing off

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I have seen this issue talked about before where people don't upload files because they may be proprietary or not finished. I think in cases like that, flattened models or edrawings or 3D PDF files would be nice to upload along with the rendering do a 3D model can still be viewed by all.

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Can be a good solution, but the fact stays that a lot of so called engineers
don't "play according to the rules of good practice"
As a matter of fact, some even upload renderings and models from other engineers as their own. DO NOT like this at all.
Let us keep up the good work...

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The community is about sharing and I think that means keeping an open mind as to what people want to and can share with the whole community. I see allowing 2D drawings and sketches as important if someone is in the beginning stages of their project. Or like @StephenNyberg says, has IP that they only want to share on a superficial level.

I'm curious why certain users would not want to accept renderings from others, any thoughts? I love when I get new renderings.

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should be easy to distinguish 3d models from 2d rendering or 2d tech drawings... i do agree that it is frustrating this "show off" but not real sharing. plus can you make easy upload file by make a simple "create new project" botton. thanks

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