URGENT/IMPORTANT, please help, How to integrate already designed model in autocad plant 3d library

I have managed 4 inch plug valve class 600 from this good community in autocad plant 3d dwg file format. Problem is to integrate this model in the library of said software for a range of 2 inch to 48 inch which may be used in 3d drawings. is it possible to somehow one model can be used for different size although its currently available in one size only.
Please contact me if some one has the sollution

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1 Answer

Could you scale the model?
If it is a 4" valve now, you'd make a 1/2 scale model to use it for 2" applications. A 48" valve could be made by making a 12:1 scale model of the original.
I think a 48" version would need to have additional hand wheel spokes to look right, but it does not need to be perfect, scaling the model should work.

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