Using a part to do extruded cut

Hello again. Another idiotic question as I have a hard time with solidworks since I am extremely use to 3DS instead. Solidworks quicky annoys me with how difficult it always is and how you need to jump through 20 hoops to do one simple thing like moving a part.


I am trying to use a part I made in another file to extrude onto a plate I have. Both are the same sizes but I made the main part in another file because it was easier to deal with but when I insert the part, you cant do anything afterwards and I am trying to use it to extrude for the plate to have the proper cut out.

Please let me know.

I appreciate it in advance.

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I hope I understand correct your attempt, this is my solution.
1) Make a sketch with the contour of your cutout (mark the surface and choose the function "offset entities" inline/outline=0).
2) Copy the sketch and paste it on the surface of the "target part", make from the "blue line sketch" a block and fix it in the appropriate position.
3) Cut the sketch out.

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