Using slot goes other way.

.i would like to remove material from a solid but using slot gives me material on a solid..rib does that not slot....what should i do

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In the image you will see, in specification tree, the body in which you have created slot (Body.3) is acting as a negative body. (You can see that on the body symbol, there is a negative (-) symbol.) If you create a negative feature (e.g. pocket, slot, etc. which removes material) the body will become negative. And the feature will add material.

You might not understand. It's easy. It is simply mathematical addition and subtraction of features. Since a slot is a negative feature, when you start a model with slot or pad feature, it adds material because first feature created in the body is slot.

To get desired effect, add Body.3 to the body from which you want to remove material using Boolean ADD operation.

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This is the problem as you can see on the pic..i have a simple projected line on a surface as a center curve and a profile triangle...and when i confirm ok it looks like that what you can see on the gives me material instead of taking it off..

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When i did a slot (now it works with boolean add operation) i came up with a warning as you can see on the second pic...face has a small edge...what should i do?
I did extrapolate the projected curve and then with this curve as a center curve use slot...but its still not working

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It should have worked with extrapolated curve. But try to use merge ends option in the slot dialog box. Or otherwise create the slot in the same body.

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