Using Welding in Ansys 12.1

Im going to do a FEM analysis of some parts in Ansys 12.1.

And im wondering how you tell the program wich parts a welded together.

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u can weld through following step in workbench
There are one "WELD" option in geometry. there u can create weld

Answered with a tutorial:

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Good morning,

To use weld in ANSYS you must first of all to consider an simple solid model, formed from two plate (welded T-shape) and weld through her. First of all made an study on your small 3D model and both with some hand calculus observe if analytical results is close to FEM results. Second step is to use instead of 3D model of weld the simplification with spot weld. You already have analytical and FEM calculus and in this stage it will be very easy for you to understand and learn how works spot weld from ANSYS and how far or close is results comparison with 3D model and analytical calculus.

Keep in touch.

Best regards.

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