Very Complex loft for bridge(ing) two main parts in ACAD

I'm modeling water jug for understanding the ACAD loft programmer (I'm programmer also). I saw a good tutorial for lofting in SW. Oh, at least I think it was for SW.

My water jug has three parts: handle, bridge and jug. In my .dwg handle and jug are fine but I'm not happy for bridge at all.

Idea is to blend handle and jug seemlessly, so no wrinkle or peak. I want the bottom curve of brigde be tangent of handle and jug. And also in top view bridge edge spline should be with with equal curvature as handle and jug. So I need a projected curve!!! for quide. Equal curvature line should be projected against the side (in my .dwg side is front view) view.

I have had (and still have) major major major difficulties with loft+path and with loft+quides. Please download and for example delete bridge and then try to loft handle and jug faces with the white path =>> result is some kind of saddle. With cyan line is quite good but top view is not good.

I have spend two nights now, I have tried loftparam=0 and nearly everything now, but result is far away from goal.

I attach .dwq, my render and two goal renders.

Perhaps I'm not the only one who many times need blended bridge parts for more important thinks than water jug.

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3 Answers

The goal pictures are there. Under added images. Just hesitate Your mouse there. Perhaps this is so difficult question that even added images go crazy :((

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