Very Simple Sewage pipe construction, total cad noob

Right basically. A lot of you will think this is stupid but im a graphic designer and I want to make a 3d logo.
So I figured I have inventor and cad so I chose inventor. Literally all I need to do is make 4 different parts and its really simple. So with the 4 parts I will construct them into a pipe run which makes the letter P. So I have one long straight pipe, 3 curved corner bits, 2 small middle bits between the curves and antoher straight bit. Rigt the straight bits are easy obviously and they look fine. But my my 3 problems are this.

The curved pieces could basically be the straight piece just with a 90 degree bend in the middle, but I have played round extruding and I cant do it in that, so I thought its probably revolve I need instead of extrude but I cant get it to do anything. I am a total noob, and presume I need to set an axis for it to bend around or something but I dont even know how to put an axis on there lol.
Next problem is, that because they are for a logo really I want to export the finished thing to photoshop, but I cant find anyway to do that. All I can think of is printing the screen.
And the last thing which I can probably figure out is combining the parts together at the end, hopefully that shouldnt be too hard. But does each part need to be in a seperate drawing or can I draw all the parts in the same file?

As I said sorry im a complete noob and probably ave made 20 mistakes already I dont even realise.

If you were going to do this project making a P out of connected sewer pipes. What would the process be that you would use? And is it possible to export the finished ting to photoshop? And what kind of file type sould I be using in the first place?

Really treat me like an idiot and plz explain everything cause Im really just winging it at the moment lol
I know inventor isnt for making logos but its the only 3d software I have apart from auto cad and I am even more clueless in cad.

Thank you in advance
I have attached my pathetic attempt so far, te smaller piece is the one I want the bend in the middle at 90 degress and then the rest should be easy. Also on one of the fillet edges it as a green ring around it for some reason when none of te oters do, any ideas why that is there and how to get rid of it?

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Sorry my H key works like 1% of the time, sorry for the bad spelling its the keyboards fault honest :)

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