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Video Tutorial on Modeling Lamborghini Gallardo in CATIA

By Sudhir Gill on 23 Jun 17:21 13 answers 0 comments

Video Tutorial on Modeling Lamborghini Gallardo with Video Tutorial in CATIA. There is not any full length tutorial So I made one myself. I will not say this is perfect but can give basic idea to one who want to model this supercar. There are some mistakes but I only had one Sunday for making this So I made it superfast. Pardon me for that.

I don't have good solid modeling skills in CATIA only Surface modeling so the rim is only basic design.

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13 answers

  • Surajmal
    Surajmal over 4 years ago

    pretty helpful for learner. Really great work (Y)

  • Vipin kumar
    Vipin kumar over 4 years ago

    kya bat hai Gill sahab Chha gye ho !!!!

  • Brylle
    Brylle about 4 years ago

    salute and strong hand shake! thanks sir. very good for starters like me

  • mohsen
    mohsen about 4 years ago

    thank you

  • Jerry
    Jerry about 4 years ago

    Muito obrigado por este tutorial

  • xiriri
    xiriri about 4 years ago great

  • lenyhust
    lenyhust about 4 years ago

    youtube is blocked in CH...SHIT

  • Karthik Tsalla
    Karthik Tsalla over 3 years ago

    Nice Thanks man, upload Aventador Tutorial also please.....

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