Wanna make a model of 3d printer SLS

i want to make a model on SLS as I mentioned in my question. I wanted to know the parts in the SLS machine ,their dimensions locations and all the relevant information required to make that
thanks !

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This is a pretty complex problem. I'd certainly start with the link mDC posted.
A lot of the dimensions you are looking for will be decided by the size of the machine you plan to make.
Primary parts to consider:
- Laser to provide the sintering of the powder
- Power supply to supply the laser, heater(s), motors, and fans
- Chassis or frame to contain everything
- Elevator system to raise and lower the "cake" or part
- Recoater/leveling system to insure a uniform thin layer of powder for ea. layer
- Heater to keep the chamber, part, and powder at the optimal temperature
- Ventilation system to keep dust to a minimum
- Optics system to direct, form, and possibly change the laser's wavelength

Also, don't forget that powdered materials are often an explosion hazard.

Not to discourage you in this endeavor, but have you considered purchasing a used or possible broken SLS machine as a starting point?

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