want design v engine using catia v5

i need some vengine drawing dimension and assembly tutorial for my project.i already download this tutorial "http://grabcad.com/questions/tutorial-how-to-make-engine-part-1" in this some dimension are missing so i can't proceed with is tutorial for my project?pls refer some other link for me

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2 Answers

Firstly, designing an engine is no easy task. There's a lot to consider. things such as displacement, valvetrain type, valve sizes, valve lift, valve duration, cam profile, crank stroke, compression ration, gas flow dynamics, cooling, lubrication, stress, heat, fatigue, machineability and many, many other factors.
Secondly, designing such items as the cylinder heads and cylinder block is not easy. Take a close look at 90% of the engines on this site. They're fucking garbage.
Ask yourself why you want to design an engine and whether you're capable before attempting it.

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