want to know the suitable 3d printing technology for my prepared material

Hello Sir Good day i am from Pakistan studying in china it is my theises work question please reply me
I want to ask you that i have prepared sulfoaluminate cement and nowi want to use it in 3d printing for testing building materials at small scale after that i will use it on large scale after modifing it can you please tell me which 3d printer type should i use for the concrete or sulfoaluminate cement as a 3d printing material

tell me the suitable 3d printing technology for this material Thanks alot

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Buy one of these:

But in all seriousness, something of that scale is going to be needed to produce structures of decent sizes.
The technology, if you were looking for a broader answer, would be via extrusion.

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I'm going to assume you are referencing Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement (CSA) with this response, but all the CSA I've worked with is far too thin to print (to my knowledge). Initially designed as a "thin set" mortar, even fiber reinforced CSA must be set in forms for up to 4 hours after prep and pour. The only solution off the top of y head would be to print dry with a binder and activate without degrading the binder as a substructure. If only used for prototyping and not production, you might be able to get away with a more coarse aggregate but your strength characteristics will be far less than your production blend. It may only be a non-testing representation, I would suppose. Hope you find something. Develope one! have a firing stage in there like what's currently done with Portland cement! Good luck.

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