Want to Practice Your 2D to 3D skills?

It seems to be a common question on the site: "Where can I find some 2D drawings to practice making 3D models from?"
The easy answer of course is to just do an image search on Google, Bing, or some other engine.
But you might also try the links from this site: http://kevinbell.wikispaces.com/file/detail/Chapter%202%20Pretest.docx

It appears to be a collection of coursework and homework for a high school course. The models are not very advanced, but they look perfect for anyone learning the basics of sketch, dimension, extrude, and cut.

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I noticed there are some questions repeated, but then again it does not seem to be much of an issue..

Wonder if there could be a "FAQ" section or some 'stickied' posts at the top, so that people could always find the answers/topics that are most popular or relevant at the time. To allow this kind of post or message to get out to people, but also to remain relevant towards the top page.

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