WARNING: Theres a company stealing everybodys models and selling them

Hey Ron brought to my attention of a company http://www.icader.com who is ripping off grabcad users stealing their models and selling them as 3d printable. I would suggest people should browse find their models and email them to take it down or threat to sue.

http://www.icader.com/ I am sure a lot of people will find their models here available for sale. I found one of my mine


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The only problem with that is by us uploading our files here at Grab Cad (which is a free site) we knowingly give permission. Yes it sucks, but without any copyright laws in effect here, there is nothing you can do except get mad.
And it’s even harder to do anything when it’s another country with different laws than here. I think Grab Cad should implement some kind of copy rite law and protect its members and there rites. After all its our models but it’s there reputation
just my opinion.

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OK, GrabCAd does the same - not intentionally of course. Many members steal from other sites (Adolf Rapp for example - proofs are with Hans deRidder), and publish it under their own work on GrabCAD. GrabCAD may not be guilty however letting a cheating member like Herr Rapp to go on for such long time is not right.

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