warp a sketch around curved surface

hi everybody.
i am trying to engrave a pattern around a curved surface but i cant.(solid works 2014)
in cylinder surface it is possible, but in my model it is not.
i attached the model and pattern. please help me to do that,
thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

thanks for your answer "inspire"
but i uploaded the picture of sketch i want to wrap
so consider the attached files.

1- i try to wrap in curved surface in "picture 1" and there is an error.
"wrap takes a planer cylindrical ......"
whats this error for?

2- i did not have problem with a cylinder surface .
"picture 2"

3_ i tried more with curved surface and did it. "picture 3" but the end of the pattern deformed !!!
why the wraped sketch deforms in such curved surfaces? please help me . thank you

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