We need control for comments in our models.

I see a lot of nonsense talks in comments, made by useless people who have no work, no talent whatsoever. Who are afraid to share their work(I doubt if they know what CAD is) with others.
I would want control over comments made on my models so if there is any nonsense talk we can simply delete the comment and ignore the person completely.
If anyone wants to criticize a model or want to point out faults there is a better way to do it and this community has been following it. Regular users are well aware how constructive criticism should be made or how it should be received.

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I could not agree more with you Pranav we have a great community here and these kids come along and do this to it. If there is a new member to GrabCAD and the community that does want to upload there models these mindless little kids might put them off coming back and that would be a shame.....

I do hope the staff @ GrabCAD blocks there IP's from there server as these mindless little children are giving our community a bad name.

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Generally when I see a comment from smacktalk and company I get a chuckle, though it is them that I am laughing at and tend to not respond to their immaturity and shallowness. The real down side is that someone may not realize that they are meaningless comments and may be discouraged. I propose this when you see one of those negative and baseless remarks, just respond with a comment, not to them but to the designer, something simple like "Just ignore them, and keep up the good work.".

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What? Trolls again?! Simply do not feed the troll. Every normal person can recognise it, so you should just ignore them.
Besides, regular trolls is objective indicator of great popularity from outside the community!

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You guys need to realize that Jack is attempting to prove a point with his existance here. His "friends" are helping him, and so are the rest of you. Why he needs to prove this point isn't clear, but maybe he'll enlighten us at some point. There isn't much to do about it now as he's on his way to making his point and it's doubtful that GC will block him. Unfortunately the more attention you give him, as you already are, the sooner he will go away.

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Just a quick update that you can now delete inappropriate comments and/or spam for your own models. But own models only.

We are working on spam reporting right now for blocking abusing users. Stay tuned and sorry for the not so nice users annoying many of the community members here.

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You should be able to delete other peoples comments on your models, that would solve the issue.

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I nice solution would be a "report abuse" button that is only available to the owner of the part (otherwise those same idiots would hit it on everyone) this way they will eventually get red flagged and come the the notice of the web master. And if the web master wants a nice community site he will ban them as they show up. Or better not let them know they are banned just make it so no one else can see their comments hehe.

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Guys, sorry for late response on this issue. We will delete the spammers after one software conflict have resolved and will start working ways to keep the spammers away.

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These kinda ppl must be sacked!..They r like weeds to this very useful website!!...I personally feel the owners of this site to enforce content filter n comments..It makes me feel really bad and offended !! :/

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Josh, Warren and jack get out of this GREAT site!!!!!! :((((

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I agree i think there should also be a way to report those lonely people that are only here to cause trouble and possibly have them banned.

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"when you got shiny models in your profile,whole world looks less talented"---old Japanese proverb

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